Friday, February 29, 2008

Q: What do you do if someone tells you to nurse in a bathroom?

A: Contact FirstRight, a new advocacy group that "aspires to ensure freedom from discrimination for breastfeeding mothers and their children."

FirstRight says they work collaboratively with other organizations to protect, promote and support breastfeeding as the cultural norm.

So, if you need help latching your baby on or dealing with sore nipples call La Leche League. If someone tries to kick you out of Applebees for breastfeeding, call FirstRight.

The FirstRight website links to their committees - a discrimination task force, Education committee and legislative committee. There are also links to their advisory counsel (each member is pictured breastfeeding their child(ren) and a form where you can report breastfeeding discrimination. However, they are not lawyers. My guess is they will help and support you are if planning a nurse-in or trying to write or encourage legislation to protect or promote breastfeeding in your state.

Good to see mamas coming together to make a difference in the world!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Can we talk about Target?

Confession time....I have the grand opening date of the new Super Target written in my planner...March 9th (in case you were wondering). Okay, true confession, I have it memorized and I look longingly at the freshly built building each day as I drive to pick up the children from school. It is a beautiful sight.

So, yes, I do like Target. Is it perfect? No. They advertise Formula, break the WHO Code like every other American store, but I think, I really think, they must have buyers who are more breastfeeding friendly or savy. According to this Lactivist post from 2006, they support breastfeeding in their stores.

I have been meaning to write about Target since my visit a few weeks ago where I saw these products for the first time:

1. Hotslings: Target has been carrying Hotslings pouch slings online for some time and even in selected stores. When they first started carrying them, they were only going to be in two Nashville stores, neither of which were near me. Since corporate stores often try a product in a few stores before expanding them to all or most stores I wondered if they would sell enough to expand. Well, low and behold, there were 3 Hotslings on a hook in the Franklin Target! I couldn't believe it. Finally a decent sling (pouch) that could be bought in a normal store, not a boutique, specialty store, hospital lactation boutique etc. I have so many parents ask where to buy a glad I can finally point those wanting a pouch to their local Target store.

I know slings and babywearing is not directly connected to breastfeeding but as we say in La Leche League..."many mothers find" that babywearing helps stimulate milk supply, makes breastfeeding easier because the baby is right there and can nurse hands free and it makes for a happier baby".

Target also now carries Peanut Shell pouch and wrap slings online and a variety of other baby carriers. Maybe Target will be a part of the babywearing revolution helping to normalize parent-child togetherness in our culture!

2.Bebe au Lait/ Hooter Hiders nursing covers: Now, while I wouldn't personally use them, (I prefer the Slurp N Burp which I didn't even use much b/c I don't plan far enough ahead to pack it or take it out :)) I am glad that Target (a normal, non-boutiqey store) is carrying a fashionable nursing covers. Until now, the only nursing covers you could find at Target or Walmart were these aweful hospital gown-esque covers from The First Years or something. I wouldn't even want one as a gift. For moms who are avid about covering about nursing, I am glad they have a cute fashionable option they can grab at the local Target. There was quite a large selection on the end of an isle too. When I saw it, I thought, this is good and bad. Good that moms will say - hey oh yeah, I will be breastfeeding after I have this baby. What about nursing in public. Maybe instead of pumping and bottlefeeding in public, more will register for or buy the Bebe au Lait cover. On the other hand, will it send the message that you need to be covered to breastfeed?

3. My third find at Target had nothing to do with breastfeeding really, but this item has been popular in the alterna-mom sphere for a while as well as in the celeb world. A large percentage of cloth diapering moms also breastfeed, so I have run across this product and while I have never used them, I do think they are adorable. They are Baby Legs - a baby leg warmer of sorts that you can put on your baby when they are only wearing a diaper. They are super cute and make diaper changing or infant potty training/elimination communication easier. Maybe all that is going mainstream too.

Go check out your local Target and see what new items they have. And buy a new mama in your life a sling!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Breastmilk: Baby's 2nd placenta

So, I am the last breastfeeding blogger to cover the news out on Monday that breastmilk contains stem cells . I am very excited about this discovery for several reasons.

1. We can always make more milk. Just think, your baby comes down with a cancer that is cured with stem cells or has sickle cell anemia and all you have to do is pump a few ounces, send it to a lab and get the cure (I am sure it won't be that easy, I'm not a scientist), well, maybe it's more complicated than that but it could mean a renewable source of stem cells for various treatments to diseases.

2.It could end the whole debate/issue with embryonic stem cells. Why use an embryo if you don't have too?

3. It shows just another way that breastmilk is a living, changing, vital fluid. Not just water or a formula-like substance.

The statement that really caught my eye was what Dr. Cregan had to say about how breastmilk programs the baby's cells and continues the work that the placenta began.

The article from Science Alert says:

He believes that it not only meets all the nutritional needs of a growing infant but contains key markers that guide his or her development into adulthood.

“We already know how breast milk provides for the baby’s nutritional needs, but we are only just beginning to understand that it probably performs many other functions,” says Dr Cregan, a molecular biologist at The University of Western Australia.

He says that, in essence, a new mother’s mammary glands take over from the placenta to provide the development guidance to ensure a baby’s genetic destiny is fulfilled.

Breastmilk provides developmental guidance and genetic programing into adulthood.

That's one to add to the reasons to breastfeed list!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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