Thursday, April 19, 2007

Protecting the protective nature of breastfeeding

Kudos to the National Action Against Obesity President MeMe Roth who has taken a stand against Unilever, maker of Suave Shampoo for a commercial they are currently running equating breastfeeding with flat hair and a flat chest. In a Fox News interview on the Bill O'Riley show, Roth expressed her concern over this jab at breastfeeding that may prevent children from receiving this protection against obesity. Newsflash, Suave - no 80 year old woman has perky, perfect breasts (unless she bought and paid for them and has had them replaced every 10 years or so) regardless of the way she fed her babies.

It is so encouraging to see someone outside of the world of "breastfeeding advocacy" recognize and promote breastfeeding in regards to obesity prevention (or any other health issue). She encourages everyone to write a letter expressing discontent to Unilever at Believe it or not, I actually wrote! I used the form here. If I get a response other than a form letter, I will let you know.

Also, new research indicates that mamas who have a baby after 25 years old have even more reason to breastfeed. It reduces their increased breast cancer risk. See this article here for more information. It just keeps getting better to give your baby the best (or the normal, right?)!

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MeredithPR said...

Hi There...My days of nursing are behind me... but it's essential we protect...and encourage breastfeeding. It's a national health imperative...

Unilever/Suave speaks from both sides of its mouth. With Dove, it's "You're beautiful, except buy this anti-cellulite cream." "We campaign for 'Real Beauty,' but buy yourself a fake tan w/ our cream."

Now it's Suave. You'll find a nursing mom icon on their website, yet in their hip commercial (using imagery solely of a nursing mother), the message is breastfeeding makes you flat. It's fantastic to have images of women nursing on should be the norm. However associating breastfeeding with flat breasts is NOT an's yet another example of Unilever wanting to have it both ways...

If you read the full press release, you'll see NAAO asks to either pull the ad or suggests a re-write. Additionally, NAAO asks Unilever/Suave to genuinely encourage breastfeeding by campaigning for it, committing funds to it, and sponsoring ultra-luxe nursing stations across the country:

America thanks you for nursing! You help us all by safeguarding your child's health.


MeMe Roth
National Action Against Obesity

To view commercial:
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