Monday, July 16, 2007

Off we go!!!

Tomorrow P-Tizzle and I will be off to the La Leche League International Conference in Chicago, IL!

I am so excited about all the fabulous speakers, the unique and interesting exhibits and hanging out with so many other "lactation nerds", gentle parents and authors of all the books I like BUT a little worried as to how I will keep a 13 month old entertained during sessions for 5 days! Pray for me, mothers, pray.

So, if you see a frazzled, tired-looking mother with dreadlocks and a wild-eyed, curly-haired little tornado say "hello"! And maybe offer me some chocolate or an adult beverage.....

I'd like to know if any Mocha Milk readers will be at the conference? Please leave a comment and let me know if I should look out for you. We can sit together at a luncheon!

It's not too late to register. To find out more information about the conference visit La Leche League's newly redesigned website.


Anonymous said...

hi mickey... it was great to meet you and i hope to make it to the cappa conference in sc. i found out there is a mochmom's chapter in greenville. please be honest and tell me if it is socially inappropriate for me to join or visit??

Anonymous said...

hi mickey! it was great to meet you, and i hope to run into you again at some boobnerd event. i'm also hoping to visit the farm in the fall, so perhaps we could get together then. i will try for cappa in sc too... ps. honestly-- do you think it would be socially awkward or inappropriate for me to join mochamoms/go to a local meeting??

Elizabeth F. said...

You lucky dog! I wish I could have gone to the conference. I am LLL Leader!

Anyway, I'm having a Give-Away at my blog for Breastfeeding advocacy Note Cards. Come on by and enter before Friday.