Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slurp N Burp - The Blog!

While at the La Leche League International 50th Anniversary Conference this past summer I tried to visit the exhibit hall as much as possible. I didn't have nearly enough time to look at all the innovative products and ideas surrounding breastfeeding. My favorite part was meeting all these amazing mamas and papas who came up with breastfeeding related products to solve their own problems and help others.

One really creative, brilliant and innovative mama I met was Missy, inventor of the Slurp N Burp. I was so impressed I bought one for myself and several to sell.

Missy has started joined the world of blogging. And here's the exciting part - the blog is going to be interactive. She wants your stories, your thoughts, your experiences to pass on to the rest of the world. She will be sharing the thoughts of a different mama each day.

So, visit Share the Joys of Breastfeeding and Share your joys with the world!

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Christine said...

what a cool product!