Friday, May 4, 2007

Give yourself and your family a gift this Mother's Day - Exercise!

Breastfeeding has always been an amazing weight loss plan for me. I am what you could call a "thick" or "healthy" girl. In high school, the biggest girl on the dance team. I wasn't unhealthy, just not thin. Then, when pregnant with the princess (baby #1), I gained a good 45-50 lbs. I was going to eat what I wanted. But, I did exercise and stay active.

I will never forget a conversation I had with a born-skinny mom with a young child who told me how she lost so much weight she was SKINNIER after having a baby than she had ever been before. I could have smacked her. It wasn't her fault, God bless her, she just wanted to share the good news that breastfeeding and chasing a baby can help you loose weight. That's not the kind of thing you want to share with a big-as-a-house pregnant woman. It's just too hard to believe when you can't see your toes.

Lo and behold, I was like my skinny mom-friend. I too became tiny as my little nursling got plumper and plumper. Not only that, I got thinner after baby #2. So thin in fact I started throwing out my "big clothes". Unfortunately, I started regaining as #2 nursed into toddlerhood. My weight loss plan was starting to fail me.

Now, 10.5 months after birthing the last little golden nugget, I am dangerously close to my full term pregnancy weight. For the first time in my life I am understanding the term "muffin top" and I am still not able to wear my normal clothes (why did I get rid of the "big clothes"?).

Did I also mention I turn 30 on Sunday? My metabolism is apparently screeching to a halt as I turn the corner on decade three.

So, I stop by the Motherwear Blog and see a post from Tanya about The WOMAN Challenge 2007 (Women and girls Out Moving Across the Nation). Apparently, she has a few extra baby pounds hanging around as well and has challenged everyone to join her team Breastfeeding Babes and get moving. The challenge starts on Mother's Day (May 13th) and goes for 8 weeks. And as much as I really don't have time to exercise or know how I am going to get around to it, I know it is a commitment I need to make.

So, I joined the team! Go to the WOMAN Challenge site and sign up. Make a commitment to yourself and your family today. They need you to be healthy so you can be around to take care of your family, make memories with your family, laugh with your family.
I am taking it as an opportunity to spend more time engaged in a fun and healthy activity with my children. We can go outside and play tag, throw a Frisbee, run races, walk the neighborhood or at a park or turn on some music and dance inside the house.

If you sign up, let me know, let Tanya know. Or even, start your own team, with your friends or colleagues, right where you are. Give a gift only you can give to yourself and your family - your health.


tanya@motherwearblog said...

Go Micky! Glad you signed up. Wish I could take a walk with everyone who did...

- Tanya

tanya@motherwearblog said...

Oh, and happy birthday!

You're entering the 30's as I get close to making an exit...

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday! ;)

I just hit 30 about two weeks ago.

Doesn't feel any different than 29 did....

jasmineinchico said...

I just heard about your blog on NPR. You seem like an amazing woman and I love your blog :)

Micky said...

Could you tell me more about hearing about me on NPR? I wasn't aware they mentioned me. I would love to hear what show, host or time. Maybe I can find the archive.


Cairo Mama said...

I didn't hear it myself, but i searched and here 's the link: