Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Reasons to Breastfeed in 1914 or 2007

I had to pass on this gem found by the Breastfeeding Daily Tips and News RSS Feed on the blog of a NYC husband, father and apparent breastfeeding supporter: Scott's Simple Story.

I am fascinated by things like is interesting how public health campaigns are structured and worded.

For instance, today we usually hear "Breast is Best" or about the "benefits of breastfeeding" or "Breastmilk, the gold standard".

In 1914, however, they described it differently. See #4 below. "Mother's milk is the only safe food during the first six months of its life."

So, take a look at this information sheet put out by the NYC Department of Health and express your opinions on public health messages and breastfeeding of yesterday and today.


Eilat said...

This is very interesting and surprising.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was that despite such warnings, formula feeding rates continued to rise and rise to their pinnacle in the 1970's. Breastfeeding (initiation!) rates were down to ~20% in the 1970's.

If such a blunt approach is not successful, I wonder what is the best way to get this acute information out there (in addition to the more general "breast is best").

chilliemama said...

Wow, I love this!! That was the day before the formula companies figured out that they could make billions of dollars at the expense of babies' health. Thank you for posting this!

kristin said...

i love this! thanks for sharing.