Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Roll Tape...Camera 1

I have been slacking as a blogger lately...sorry to all who have been regular readers and have had nothing new to read. I have had lots of ideas for posts, but no time to post them. If you could only have access to my brain...oh, wait, that probably wouldn't be a good idea either. You would also have access to my anxiety over our family finances, post-baby weight gain and daily 4:30 freak-out over what's for dinner. I am sure one day we will be able to blog straight from our brains, but until technology catches up, you'll just have to wait for me to sit down and write once in a while.

Don't be shy, please write me or comment and let me know that you are reading so that I will keep writing and engaging the world in this discussion on breastfeeding in the Black community.

Okay, just wanted to update on my video project. You can see here back in December of last year I started doing research into putting together a video to encourage breastfeeding among Black women. In my head I envision a video that shows images of us breastfeeding children, playing with, loving and holding our children and sitting with our husbands (and significant others) and friends and discussing breastfeeding. Why did you choose to breastfeed? How did you deal with your family members that thought breastfeeding was nasty or inappropriate? How did the baby's father participate in baby care? Answering questions that Black mothers - all mothers want to know and showing that it really can work for real mothers. Working mothers, mothers in school, younger, older, large chested and small.

Well, this Saturday, we will roll tape. We will attempt to get mothers, babies, children, husbands, boyfriends, doctors and of course the crew (my dear husband and his professional camera-man friend) together to get enough usable footage to make a 5-10 minute waiting room video. Something that will encourage moms to "try" breastfeeding.

I am very excited. I am very nervous. I have never done anything like this and don't know that I can do it. All I know is that it is worth a try. We are trying to get it done in time for the La Leche League International Conference in a little over a month. If we do, I will hopefully show it during a session I am facilitating on Breastfeeding in the African-American community.

Thanks to - a place where those who have an idea or dream for a breastfeeding project can meet donors with support to give. More people need to visit and more people need to give there too. Please consider sending some of your charity money to projects there. My project was fully supported because someone who went to believed in my vision.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, say a little prayer and stay tuned for an update. Hopefully many happy, healthy families will show up Saturday ready to share their breastfeeding experiences with the world.


Fat Lady said...

What a great project!!! I wish I'd thought of it. I hope it turns out just as you dream - and better.

Thanks for the link to I have long had dreams of coming up with projects to help increase breastfeeding in the Black community, but never knew where to begin to raise the money to make something like that happen.

And, yes, there are definitely those of us out here who notice when you don't post for a bit. I know how easily life gets in the way of things like blogging - so I don't blame you for letting some time go by. Just know that you are missed.

Amber said...

I check your blog very often. I am so proud of all that you are doing in your career- not to mention raising those cute little cousins of mine. Keep up the good work.

Renata said...

In addition to blogging straight from the brain, there will have to be a concept/context editor built in so that my thoughts make sense to the rest of the world.

I've also wish for a camera device implanted in my eye to capture those quick, priceless moments that reaching for a camera would either mess up or be too late... oh, wait, that probably wouldn't be a good idea either ;-)