Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bringing Sexy Back to the Nursing Bra

Okay, maybe bringing sexy for the first time to nursing bras, but I digress. I have met many women over the years in desperate search of at best a comfortable nursing bra, forget beauty or God forbid, something sexy. Many mothers struggle with balancing motherhood and sexuality. A common barrier to breastfeeding in the African-American community is that the man doesn't want to share his woman's breasts who have belonged to him in love making until now.

Well, boys, it looks like the lovely ladies at Condessa are interested in providing functional, supportive breastfeeding lingerie so that even a frazzled mother of three like me can get her groove on when daddy comes home from work. Personally, I am a fan of Bravado Bras. They are comfortable, cute and even come in cute patterns like floral and animal print. I have not tried their tank tops but they look nice. They even hosted a booth with a dressing room at the LLLI Conference and had special deals which is where I got hooked. Many moms, nursing and otherwise (they have non-nursing bras too) love Bravado for it's function and form.

Back to the sexy stuff....
The Condessa lingerie actually LOOKS like the stuff at Vicki's hush-hush (you know what store I am talking about, right?) and has the same price point but is designed for ease of nursing too. It's nice that a company is actually thinking of the "other" needs of a breastfeeding woman (and her husband/partner)! And with color names like "seductive sunset", "tempting rose" and my favorite of course, "captivating mocha" maybe breastfeeding mothers with "low desire" (let's face it, breastfeeding and mothering sometimes lowers desire and availability) will feel sexy and want to show it off and daddies will have more than a white, stained nursing bra to look forward to.

According to this story, the bras do have underwire in them which I do NOT recommend in the first six months of nursing, but some mothers use them from the beginning with no problem. If you notice plugged ducts (lumps) at any time, discontinue use or change sizes to avoid mastitis (breast infection).

My ten year anniversary and Valentine's Day is coming up and if the good people at Condessa wants to send me a set to try I would be happy to post results....well, not detailed results....

Feel free to leave a comment with ideas on how to feel, look and be sexy as a breastfeeding mother. Keeping your legs shaved? Using a special body wash or sparkly lotion? What do you do? We could all use a little more sexy...it's only three weeks until Valentine's Day!


Tania said...

Bringing sexy back?!! Sexy has never been near, close by, in the neighborhood, around the corner or next to a NURSING BRA! I read this and I immediately headed to Condessa's web site to see this, I gotta tell you girl, Sexy Is In The House. They look beautiful. A little on the pricey side though, but you know what? you only live once. I'm gonna buy me some of those and plus they are having a sale, I can't resist, pass up on a sale?. I have been breastfeeding for a little over 6 months, I need something. I'm gonna bring sexy back into my life. Oh yeah! Thank you Condessa for the inspiration and thank you blogger for letting me know they exist.

B said...

I remember the gigantic-boobs- that-are-always-being-milked- like-a-cow feeling all too well. Tack on that hideous nursing bra and it really made for a real self-esteem nose dive. Thank goodness someone finally saw sense to invent a sexy nursing bra! Go Condessa!

It really is the little things in life, and there is something to be said for a bit of lace and satin on your undergarments! Nursing women are no exception.

You should also check out the array of lingerie treasures for breast feeding beauties at figleaves.com.

Liz said...

I'm 38 weeks pregnant!! Sexy enough for ya? LOL :)

I would LOVE to find a sexy, pretty, SUPPORTIVE nursing bra in a 38-40 F cup please!!

Carrie Lauth said...

Yes it's a great thing that there are newer, modern looking nursing bras that are actually pretty - hot even.

The La Mystere bras are really pretty.


justanotherday said...

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