Sunday, January 28, 2007

Addendum to Sexy Nursing Bra post

The head hot mama at Condessa let me know that their current collection of bras DOES NOT have underwire. That makes me feel better about mamas wearing them in the immediate postpartum. The new collection does have underwire - so you now have a choice.

I will be trying them out so I will be sure to report on fit, function and of course what my baby daddy had to say.....


KC said...

I mean, I like the idea of you getting some new lingerie and all, but not so crazy about being referred to as your "baby daddy."

You know you ain't that hood.

Love you.

KC said...

As excited as I am about the new lingerie, I'm not real cool with being referred to as your "baby daddy."

You just ain't that hood.

NapiSoul said...

I remember being so frustrated by not being able to find decent-looking nursing bras in my size that I finally gave up on nursing bras. I wear regular bras and just loosen then strap and pull the cup over when I need to nurse.

BTW, I referenced your blog in a journal entry on my CafeMom site:
Hope you don't mind.