Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Come on and Latch on!

Formula companies are funded by large pharmaceutical corporations. They spend millions just advertising to pediatricians and obstetricians who they hope will pimp their product. So where does breastfeeding promotion get funding? The government provides funding for breastfeeding promotion through WIC clinics but just about every WIC employee I have spoken with can see that the United States government clearly spends more money promoting formula than breastfeeding. LatchOn.org is an answer for this dilemma. Developed by the resourceful women of La Leche League International, this site is a meeting place for those with a great idea for the support, promotion or research of breastfeeding and those that might want to give the time, money or resources to support it. Give it a look. See if there is something that you can help with, give some money or share your resources. After all, it is the giving season, right?

My own project is here. Check it out.

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