Monday, December 11, 2006

The most non-news news of the day

Apparently there might be some evidence to suggest that epidurals affect breastfeeding outcome. See original research here. Ask any labor and delivery nurse, doula or mother who has had a baby with an epidural and without. There is a difference. According to Sue Jordan, author of the first article, it may be difficult to ever show a causal relationship due to ethical concerns. However, the testimony of many mothers and care providers is difficult to ignore.


andrealmeyer said...

Congratulations on moving your blog. I first found it when it through The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog. Perhaps you want to try to contribute to the breastfeeding bloggers carnival that four other bloggers and I run. Check out for information.

Amber said...

Just found your blog, and was checking it out. Although, I am not a woman of color, or at least my color is so pale I am almost translucent, I just wanted to comment on this one. I did have my babies in the hospital with the whole spinal/epidural caesarean hoopla- I did breastfeed. And I made enough milk for my babies and about half the nursery. I must say that after my first birth, I was so numb (from my neck down)that I had to have my mom hold the baby while I nursed because I was so afraid I would drop her. Being numb, I could not feel my hands, let alone whether or not the baby was on me. So I did have a more positive experience post "big huge dangerous needle", But I feel horrible knowing (I didn't know til I read this blog) that some women might not have a positive experience with breastfeeding due to the "pain-free" birthing method.