Sunday, December 17, 2006

News update...and it's not good

Apparently Freedom and Delta Airlines might not be able to land a plane safely with a breastfeeding mother on board but they are able to master the art of double speak. They have asked that the complaint by Emily Gillette, the mother who's family was recently kicked of a plane for her refusing a blanket to cover her nursing toddler in order to ease the flight attendant's discomfort.

Freedom Airlines argues: "in a Monday letter to the Human Rights Commission that the federal Airlines Deregulation Act trumps Vermont's human rights law, because state law cannot interfere with air carrier service." Whatever that means. So the airlines can do whatever they want because of the federal deregulation act? So if they want to add crack to the snack list on Freedom airlines, they can? It just doesn't make sense. I have a feeling Mrs. Gillette is willing to take this case as far as it can go and this is just the beginning. According to the article, the Vermont Human Rights commission said these cases can go on for 3 months to a year. Keep checking back for the latest information. Mocha Milk scours the web for breastfeeding news so you don't have to!

Nestle rears its ugly head again. The FDA's letter to Nestle has been answered. That is if you consider denying and blaming an answer. First of all, they said there own "independent tests" show no problems. They have "rejected" the FDA's test results. Let me get this straight, they can just reject the test results. Like, if I don't see you, you're not there? Companies only have to listen to the FDA if they agree with them? That makes me feel safe about the food and drugs on American store shelves. yikes! And they say there will be no recall. So either the FDA testers are idiots or got the one faulty can in the place. All the while, countless babies are getting formula that doesn't meet the FDA standards (which is still for a dead, substandard food replacement substance, but that's beside the point). And apparently, all those Nestle boycotts have not made a difference. The arrogance of Nestle is beyond belief but not surprising. Read the article here.

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